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 Help Moderator Application.

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PostSubject: Help Moderator Application.   Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:45 pm

Hi, sup?

- In game name:

SSM[IA], i had previous name : Apotheosis, DeathMachine[IA], [kM]Elited, AkaGalaxy.

- Your Age:


- Where are you from :

I'm from France.

- How long have you been a part of the community:

I'm here for i'll say 2 years, with some breaks due to exams, again 1 month ago.

- At which time your active the most and Specify your Timezone :

I'm always active, you can ask anyone, i'm very active, to keep server alive, to make it playable, to have more players, and make new friends.

- Did you had previous experience in being an administrator , if so for how long:

Yh, so, i have been Server Co-Owner >>removed<< (level7), i was scripting, promoting some admins. After that, server closed because of brawl between 2 owners.
Then i joined another server >>removed<< i explained the problem, and they put me level 4, and getting level 6 before server destroying because they didn't have enough money to host it.

- Why do you want to be an Admin/Moderator :

I want to be Help Moderator because i see many, many many many hackers, and i'm always WAITING for an admin to kick/ban him, and it's great to be Help Moderator because you don't have to be on duty like admins, 415415 commands like admin, it has 15 commands maximum, and it's what i need.

- How can you help the server being an Moderator :

I can help because i'll destroy hackers, i mean, they will not come back with me, i need to say "Leave or ban" while waiting an admin, they leave.
I can help too because i'm very helpful, when someone ask something, i automatically replying.

- Why should we hire you instead of someone else? (Explain in atleast 50 Words):

You should hire me because i'm an old player, i'm here for a long, i'm a good guy, i'm true in what i say, i don't lie to make me strong, or important.
After that, i'm liked in community, i mean, i have many friends, i have many contacts, i can be a good element for you and for the server.
Then, i'm always reporting good, when i report someone, he is banned 2 secs after (when they are admin), sometimes, i see hackers killing me, but 0 admins online, i'm very active, that gots a real impact, because i'll keep server alive, and not destroyed by hackers, players want to have fun, with hackers, they don't have fun.
I don't ask to be admin, you know, i'm player before everything, if i'm accepted, i'll do my job as Moderator, but i'll keep playing, i'll not waste time.

- Rate your English Level (1-10) :


- Rate your Maturity Level (1-10) , and Explain why you think that :


Why 9? Because i'm a guy who is always laughing, i'm never serious, BUT when i have to be serious, i am, i keep calm.
I'll not put 10 myself, because i'm not like that, i'm not perfect, nobody is perfect, and less me.

- Do you know about the dark side of being a staff member ? State your reasons :

Yeah, if i'm not active i can be demoted, if i insult someone i'm demoted, and i know that some admins are feeling superior, NO.
Admins aren't superior, we are all equal, level 8 is not superior than level 2.
I'll not the superior guy, i'm just a real guy.

- Post a screenshot of your /stats :


If it doesn't work : http://prntscr.com/f14j58

I have an important thing to say, please read it.

I know you will say "No more [MG] tag, you can't be", yes i agree, but guys you know if i wanted to be [MG] i would apply now, but i think i don't need that because many players know me, they know who i am, i have my chance to be Help Moderator.
I understand [MG] Tag to be admin yh, admins is a higher responsability than Moderator, that is why i think [MG] isn't important for moderator.
I will never want to be ADMINS, i just want Help Moderator, and nothing more, never, moderator is what i want. And all players want to be admin, not me, moderator is what i need.

I hope you will retain that, i don't call support, but seriously, someone applying for Help Moderator is rare.

SSM for you, bye all.
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Head Manager
Head Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Help Moderator Application.   Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:48 pm

Hello SSM, im happy to say that your application has been accepted.

You're being hired directly because i've observed you in-game, and you seem to be very mature and helpful and obedient. I already had plans on removing the "MG tag application" as it seemed pretty useless to me, and i have my reasons for that which i obviously cannot phrase it here in my post.

Welcome to maximum gaming staff team.

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PostSubject: Re: Help Moderator Application.   Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:29 pm


Like i said yesterday, a big thank you, i'm very proud to serve all of you, and you know me i'm mature, helpful...
I'll do a great job, i'm doing good ask Pistolero and most of the server Smile

Again thanks mate Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Help Moderator Application.   

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Help Moderator Application.

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