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 [MG] Maximum Gaming [ OFFICIAL ]

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PostSubject: [MG] Maximum Gaming [ OFFICIAL ]   Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:48 pm

[MG] Maximum Gaming

[MG] Maximum Gaming is a SA:MP clan in our server and is a Official server clan.
It was started by [MG]JohnCena when the server was created . And now the [MG] clan is the most popular clan in the server , its got all the power - admins , respect and many more. [MG] got a special power in shooting wich can be seen in Team Practices , Duels or normal battle. Most of the memebers got high shooting skills but some of them got low . The [MG] member are known in cbuging , lag shooting and some in sniping alot.
The [MG] clan is officialy one of the Top 1 clans on our server.

Clan Aliances

Neutral Clans

Enemy Clans



Maximum Gaming Leaders


Maximum Gaming Co-Leaders


Maximum Gaming Members

[Others witch i dident added , tell me via forum pms to add you on the rank list ]


Read all the Server Rules
Read all the Forum Rules
Respect eachother
Work Together
Be mature
[More to be added]


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[MG] Maximum Gaming [ OFFICIAL ]

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