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PostSubject: |♦|GOW|♦|GODS OF WAR|♦|GOW|♦|   Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:20 am

First topic message reminder :


As you know SAW clan got closed by the Owner of SAW [MG]Jimmy so [MG]Terminator decided  to make a clan for SAW members so all players can join this clan Noob & Pro all are welcome.

At first, there was only Nun. Nun was the dark waters of chaos One day, a hill rose up out of the waters. This hill was called Ben-Ben On this hill stood Atum, the first god Atum coughed and spat out Shu, the god of the air, and Tefnut, the goddess of moisture Shu and Tefnut had two children. First, there was Geb, the god of the earth. Then, there was Nut, the goddess of the sky Shu lifted Nut up so that she became a canopy over Geb . Nut and Geb had four children named Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys.Osiris was the king of the earth and Isis was the queen. Osiris was a good king, and he ruled over the earth for many years. However, everything was not well. Seth was jealous of Osiris because he wanted to be the ruler of the earth. He grew angrier and angrier until one day he killed Osiris. Osiris went down into the underworld and Seth remained on earth and became king.
Osiris and Isis had one son called Horus. Horus battled against Seth and regained the throne.
After that, Horus was the king of the earth and Osiris was the king of the underworld.

The End

Respect all players and admins.
Do not cheat.
do not abuse your powers.
Dont kill your clan mates.
Dont spam on GOW topic.
you are not allowed to Insult other clans.

must be active
have +5000 scores
good behavior

Ingame name :
How old are you? :
where are you from? :
are you active or Inactive ? :
why you want to join GOW ?
who invited you? :
do you accept our rules ? :
picture of stats:

God Of Gods (founder & owners)
God Of Sea (co-owners)
God Of earth (leaders)
God Of Sky (co Leaders)
Guardian Of Fire
Guardian Of Sun
Guardian Of wind
Soldier of Gods
Defender (Beginner)












kM clan
DK clan
GOD Clan

Kill Vips and earn 10000 gp
kill admins and earn 4000 gp
kill server and clans owners and earn 1500 gp

Kill all targets and earn GS (God score)
Destory a hunter & hydra on foot
have 50 killing spree on foot
Kill 15 DK member
Guide new players
100 killing spree by hunter & hydra


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PostSubject: Re: |♦|GOW|♦|GODS OF WAR|♦|GOW|♦|   Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:43 am

what ?? why should i apply for saw ? are you going to close this clan ?
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PostSubject: Re: |♦|GOW|♦|GODS OF WAR|♦|GOW|♦|   Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:51 pm

Plz it a request to rank up plz plz if you thought i am well in clan then rank up plz
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PostSubject: Re: |♦|GOW|♦|GODS OF WAR|♦|GOW|♦|   

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