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 Resurrect GROW

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PostSubject: Resurrect GROW   Sun Feb 01, 2015 3:39 pm

Story:This clan is idea from Yoker and this clan were just for having fun,not for insulting or either,if you want to join give your apply at the applications topic!

Medals format:

What medal do you want to get ?:
Proof of the medal progress:
Points Now:
Points after the medal gain:

Application Format:

Why do you want to join the clan?:
Name if accepted:
Proof of your score:


-rank 3

-Active player ingame and forums

-Clean player history

-Have atleast kill ratio of 1.55

Rules:Never break the server rules,respect all players/admins both, in the clan or not in the clan,never score farm.

Our team is Eurasia,if filled ask an admin to spawn you,if there's no admins,go /putinattack while ur on selection screen of Eurasia then /leaveputin !

Don't break any of those rules,or you will be kicked.


Rank 1:Gets Accepted things he can do:Nothing.
Rank 2:Have 1000 points things he can do:Can vote in applications.
Rank 3:Have 2000 points things he can do: Can vote in medal applications.
Rank 4:Have 4000 points things he can do:Can vote in applications. (counted as 2 votes)
Rank 5:Have 7000 points things he can do:Can vote in medal applications. (counted as 2 votes)
Rank 6:Have 10000 points things he can do:Can accept medal/join applications.
Rank 7:Have 30000 points things he can do:Can kick players.
Rank 8:Have 35000 points things he can do:Can change the requirements. (after asking levels higher than him)
Rank 9:Have 45000 points things he can do:Can change the format. (after asking Yoker)
Rank 10:Have 60000 points things he can do:Can change the whole topic.


Rank 1:None.
Rank 2:None.
Rank 3:None.
Rank 4:None.
Rank 5:None.
Rank 6:None.
Rank 7:None.
Rank 8:None.
Rank 9:[BG]npace.
Rank 10:Yoker,Assault_ACE

Co-Owners: [BG]npace


1 man army: You can drive hunter/hydra (have the rank required for them) points:500

Darklord Killer:Have killing spree of 5 in-foot points:1000

Darkness Soldier:Have killing spree of 10 in-foot points:1500

Team worker:Work with your team in a battle ingame points:1000

1 Man nuke:Killing spree of 50 in a heavy vehicle points:2000

Army is nothing: Have killing spree of 20 in foot points:2500

I am the chosen one:Have playing time of atleast 20 Hrs points:2500

I love colors:Join every team ingame points:1000

Dr.Helper:Help an admin to ban an hack points:4000

High roller:Join 3 wars the clan joins points:1000

Flags Gettin' High: Capture 6 zones points:1500

I can hang: Destroy heavy vehicle fighting you! points:4000

My heart won't stop beeping:Have game playing time of 90 Hrs points:3000

I am the monster:Kill spree of 100 kills points:6000

Bullseye:Sniper kill spree of 15 kills points:1500

And it gets better: 130 kill spree in-foot points:10000

Way fun:Meet every player in the clan (this medal won't start now because we don't have much members for now) Points:2000

Incredible hulk:kill spree of 200 points:20000

Eagle Eyes:Kill spree of 30 with sniper rifle points:3000

I love to test:Join and play with every class in the game points:3000

I love weapons!:Play and kill players with all weapons possible in the game (even with heavy vehicles) points:4000




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PostSubject: Re: Resurrect GROW   Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:28 pm


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Resurrect GROW

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